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IIS are experienced with any scale of electrical services to include:
• Trained & certified people for the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in Hazardous Areas
• Provision of Electricians for maintenance, installation and commissioning activities as required
• High voltage installation, to include distribution and control
• Construction packages, rework and termination to include earth testing
• Installations of cabling, supporting structures and control platforms
• Problem identification, repair and recommendation for pro-active maintenance activities
• Specialist knowledge on industrial projects for material selection and procurement
• Construction, installation and commissioning of power generation equipment.
• Removal of redundant equipment and documentation of all phases of the project


IIS provides specialised technical services that include:
• A range of pneumatic and electronic test equipment - all NATA certified
• Repair and calibration of field instruments of any size or type
• Specialist knowledge on industrial projects for material selection and procurement
• Trained Instrument Technicians for installation, calibration, commissioning, fault identification and repair of Process Instrumentation across a variety of process industries
• Ability to pre-fabricate large control packages on or off site
• High tech security, control and safety systems
• Consultation and support with engineering for project design, and project management
• Provision of Technicians for maintenance, installation and commissioning activities as required


IIS is able to provide commissioning assistance on all size projects by:
• Supplying Supervisors, Instrument Technicians and Electricians with the relevant industry experience and competencies
• Having people with experience in the commissioning of Instrument & Electrical control systems in a diverse range of processes within any environment
• Provide documentation that is traceable to NATA standards
• Training client personnel on operation and maintenance of all installed equipment
• Assisting the client in the development and schedule of maintenance routines
• Hazardous Area auditing and documentation


IIS owns and operates a range of NATA traceable test and calibration equipment. We are able to deliver this equipment to a client’s site and can also provide fully equipped portable workshops to provide a calibration service on site. We also have the ability to scope, hire / deliver and operate other test and calibration equipment as required.

Project Management

IIS can manage, engineer, build and operate Instrument and Electrical installations for our customers across a wide variety of environments.
IIS is an experienced management team with expertise in the Instrument and Electrical field. We are able to interpret client’s requirements and transform these into successful project outcomes.
IIS can provide engineering and trade professionals to ensure all phases of a project are managed effectively, through sound measurement, monitoring, review and reporting practices.


IIS have extensive experience in providing services in a shutdown team environment. These services include all areas of installation, completing project tie-ins, providing commissioning assistance and supporting ongoing testing and maintenance activities after the shutdown.

Remote area work

IIS has considerable experience and expertise in the management of logistics and conducting business operations in remote areas. IIS has built a strong reputation on being able to respond to our client’s requests in the areas of construction projects, shutdown activities and maintenance service in remote areas across Australia.

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