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Our People

IIS currently employ a large number of highly effective people including Project Managers, Supervisors, Estimators, Instrument Technicians, Instrument Fitters, Commissioning Technicians, Electricians and Trades assistants. IIS can also provide labour hire for these resources as required.
IIS has always been committed to providing a fundamentally safe and harmonious work environment which is conducive to maintaining outstanding workplace relationships. We believe our people make all the difference! They demonstrate our company values in every task they undertake.


Keith Wildman

Keith was born and raised in Yorkshire, UK. Keith completed an electrical apprenticeship within the textile industry in West Yorkshire. After completing his apprenticeship he joined P&O shipping lines as an Electrical Officer with their sea going operations.

Keith moved to Australia in May 1972 and immediately joined F.R. Mayfield as an Electrician, in their Mechanical Engineering section. Between 1972 and 2005 Keith held many positions within the company, culminating with his eventual rise to Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand.

Keith acquired a part ownership of IIS in April 2004 and moved into the business during 2006, aquiring full ownership in 2016.


SMS 'Available Jobs' Facility

For Candidates

IIS Personnel has built a reputation  on supplying our people to clients in the quickest possible time frame.

When IIS Personnel receives an order from our valued clients we search for the skills required and then send a bulk SMS to all candidates with that skill. This means if we have 300 candidates with that skill they are all notified by SMS at the same time thus cutting out the lengthy phone calls of the past.

Our contractors love this facility, they are kept informed of jobs available even if they are currently working at another site.

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